We are a West Coast distributor of an Italian company that manufactures one of the best water-based, ecofriendly paint products and will be the first to introduce the products from Italy to the California market. Many designers and builders in the California region know and love the products and we are pleased that we can provide both the products as well as a team of technicians that can create the signature textures.


Research & Development

We have always believed in innovation as a driver of change, and we are aware that research is intended to improve the lives of the people and support the evolution of society. The workshops, experiments, partnerships, the whole area of research and development of internal and external are for us a fundamental activity. We believe that collaboration is crucial to co-thinking, co-design and co-producing solutions, for this we facilitate the creation of a network of purpose skills, professionalism, and people.

About Me

I have my Masters degree in chemistry, studied in different countries, and with my expertise in science, I have been able to dedicate my carrier to helping others live a healthy lifestyle.
I got injured by myself personally from harsh chemicals while was working in experimental chem lab. 
The idea of opening of DECOLUX HOME in Los Angeles came 5y ago when I discovered these gorgeous textures and their popularity as well as their healthy characteristics.
After extensive research, I found that these products were not only free of toxic chemicals but also provided many benefits, such as protection from mold due to the high pH level of the paints
Not only are these textures eco-friendly, water base, breathable, and also create a safe environment for families, but they look like a piece of art and are absolutely beautiful applied to any wall or surface. 

We have design consultation services, also highly skilled certified team of technicians in LA, and they can transform your home into something truly special. We found that there is a huge demand for these green, eco-friendly paints and luxury decorative finishes in the US market among architects, designers, and clients. 

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